Dream Town Media provides a one-stop production and marketing shop for authors, artists and musicians, specializing in digital marketing, social media, and publishing. We help you stand out among the crowd by consulting with artists on problems they face executing ideas while navigating today’s complex digital landscape. We provide realistic actionable goals and the steps to take that will aid in creating a long term sustainable career and growth as a creative person in the years to come.

If you want to stop working marketing projects outside your skillset and start focusing more on your creative endeavors, we can help. Call or email today.

Past programs

We’ve worked with some talented authors, artists and musicians.


Established in 2008, Dream Town Media has helped artists, authors and musicians just like you get one step closer to their dreams by taking a germ of an idea and cultivating it into a reality.

We have worked with authors who at the time were just aspiring writers with an idea and no real path to creating the book that they longed to write.

We have worked with struggling musicians who did not have an understanding of how to get their music recorded, released and out to the public.

We have worked with visual artists to hone their digital presence and develop a strategy to distribute their portfolios online and on social media.

We would love to work with you to cultivate your creative ideas and share them with the world.


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