Graceann Warn

When I was brainstorming and developing the concept for DTM, a music producer friend introduced me to Graceann Warn, an Encaustic Painter, and Artist.

Longer Boats by Graceann Warn Encaustic Artist and Painter
Longer Boats by Graceann Warn Encaustic Artist and Painter

At the time, I really didn’t think about the plight of a visual artist as it relates to communicating your artwork in a digital space. We sat down one afternoon and talked about the challenges she was facing with her online presence. She really wanted her website to do more public relations type work for her art. It was less about selling her paintings online and more about actually getting her name out there and recognized for different shows at other galleries outside of Michigan and the Midwest.

I worked with her to gain an understand the digital space as it relates to an Encaustic Artist and determined best practices for an SEO campaign along with an accompanying Public Relations Campaign to promote her upcoming series of paintings. Our results were exciting and she has been featured at several galleries across the country.


Chelsea River Gallery

One of the galleries that featured the works of Graceann Warn also needed some help understanding the value that social media could bring to their business, the Chelsea River Gallery.

Chelsea River Fine Arts Gallery Dream Town Media SEO Social Media Strategy Facebook Twitter Public Relations
Chelsea River Fine Arts Gallery

What does a  Fine Arts Gallery need with an SEO campaign and a strong presence on Twitter/Facebook? Looking at the internet as a different place to promote on-location events to local art lovers? I found that by partnering with other featured artists from the gallery and cross-promoting the gallery events we could increase their foot traffic for events in the store by 20% and their online response rate increased by 35%.