Carissa Knoles, AKA, Music with Ms. Carissa

When I met her, Carissa was a struggling young guitar player who specialized in Early Childhood Development.  She was teaching at a daycare center and had a few rough children’s song ideas.  Nothing she was doing was a solid song form or even ready to go into the studio to record. She had never recorded anything before and did not have an understanding as to how to pursue a career as an entertainer in the young children’s market.

Carissa Knoles Music with Ms Carissa Not So Elementary CD

With the help of my husband, engineer, producer, and guitar genius, Jake Tobias, we first helped Carissa formulate her concepts into actual songs with recognized and acceptable formats that are supported in the music industry.  Then we went into our studio, cut the tracks and mixed and mastered her first CD, “Not So Elementary”.

Today, Carissa has a masters degree in Early Childhood Education and performs frequently at festivals and events entertaining and teaching kids with her Music with Ms. Carissa “Not So Elementary” program. For 2018, Dream Town Media will be helping her focus her efforts on recording her next album and supporting her young growing network of child music lovers.

For 2018, Dream Town Media will be helping Carissa focus her efforts on recording her next album and supporting her growing network of children’s music lovers.



Nathan Montgomery

I’ve worked with Nathan Montgomery on several projects in the past. I am most excited about the upcoming release of the Montgomery Music Academy’s Guitar Method Book.

Nathan Montgomery Music Method Guitar Chord Book Theory

Mr. Montgomery has a unique method of teaching the guitar. His many students will vouch for the effectiveness of his technique. He leverages a visualization of the chords and a team approach to fingering that is unique in a vast sea of “How to Play Guitar” technique books and online videos.

With his vast experience in jazz, pop, rock, and country, students of all ages will benefit from the knowledge he includes in his book.

Nathan also has a couple of acoustic guitar cd’s out. For Your Ears Only, released in 2005 includes the popular cut, “Happy With You” which features Nathan’s unique fingerpicking, strumming and body-thumping style guitar work. In 2006 he released “2-5 Jive”, a 9-song album that features his interesting guitar work. You can see Nathan ripping up the guitar on YouTube in the video for the song, “Blues For Tuck”.


7 Million Jigawatts

Disclosure: This is my own personal band that I’ve been working in since early 2003. I worked with the other members of 7 Million Jigawatts to record and release our first EP. I also helped get our first single, “I’ve Got You Covered” featured on the interior of the 2010 Ford Mustang digital campaign. You can purchase the 7 Million Jigawatts EP, Taking Flight on iTunes.

7 Million Jigawatts Taking Flight CD Release